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Mid-Power Rail System

Product Code: 1004
Mid-Power Rail System

Mid-Power Rail System Summary

Are you tired of 1/4" rods wiping your mid power rockets all over the sky. With today's high thrust motors you need somthing more. We have the answer. The Mid-Power Rail System. Fit's any launch pad that will take a 1/4" rod. This 4' long 1010 rail comes with 1/4" rod mount and rail guide stop included.
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Customer Reviews
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Rail System - Tim Thomas - 2/19/2013
I bought one of these units,and I must say, I love it. Very nifty way that the rail fits to any bace that can take a 1/4 rod. Put an end to rod whip forever. With so many new kits that can fly in the G to H range, you can fly G motors from the low power pads. I bought one for my club (NCR) and it goes where the trailer goes! Way cool!!!